Printing Question Banks for Review

I have created a question bank in a Storyline file with 25 questions, however only 15 are to be asked in the quiz.

I need our Subject Matter Expert (SME) to check the questions/answer to ensure that they are correct.  When I created a quiz in Quiz Maker I could publish the quiz to Word and send this to our SME to check.

I now need to get the quiz signed off by the SME prior to publishing the package.  I have published the 'Storyline' file to Word and the following is all I get for the Quiz content...

"2.2 Cardiovascular System Review Quiz

Draw 15 questions randomly from Cardiovascular"

How can I publish the quiz into Word for my SME to sign off?

Many thanks in advance.

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Jeff Robedee

OK, thank you. I was hoping there was a more attractive format to get just the questions. This method makes us publish the entire project, and then I have to dig through to find the questions I want. I was hoping we could print a paper-saving handout for the questions, but it looks like there is no way to do that?