Hoping for a helpful elf - Storyline Quiz Issues

Hello and Merry Christmas :-)

I'm working on a quiz that has 15 questions. It was working quite well and then I made a few changes(minor fixing typos) and resaved/re-published to Review and then for no reason I can figure the slides for questions 12 - 15 have stopped being responsive. They work perfectly in preview but when I publish to Review for the clients to take a look at you can't get past the 12th question. Plus at that point the Next and Prev buttons re-appear - I have them turned off everywhere in the quiz and am just using "Submit" on the player and a trigger to jump to the next slide on the Continue buttons in the feedback slides for navigation.

I can share the file but not publicly so can't attach here.

Any ideas????

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Jamie Billingham

Hi Wendy,

Yes, I am using the built-in results slide. I was thinking of re-doing the entire quiz without using any of the built-in options, but happy news :-) I deleted three slides that had been acting oddly (reverting to default formatting repeatedly) and rebuilt just those, and now everything is working perfectly again. Thanks so much for jumping in. Its so helpful knowing Hero's like you are willing to help :-)