Printing self-assessment activity as .pdf within Storyline 360

Hi all,

I have a project that requires the student to perform a type of self-assessment (yes/no checkboxes) about a particular topic. Then, based on their answers, provide specific additional information. So far, not to complicated. Now my stumbling block. This self-assessment, with their specific additional information needs to be able to be output as a .pdf file to the student to save or print. 

Anyone have a successful approach for someone who does not speak Java?


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Matthew Bibby

Once you pass the value of the variables from Storyline to JavaScript, you can use JavaScript to handle stuff like this. So you can write JS code that says "Add this info to the PDF if the whatever variable is true". 

Of course, that's a very simple example. But I've built some incredibly complex PDF's in this way and it works great.