Problem accessing "Learning Storyline" links from SL

Aug 14, 2012

Hi folks,

I am having a few trouble with my Storyline installation. I was a Beta tester who just recently got the official version, and since I have, I've not been able to access the Learning Storyline links that appear when you open SL.

I just installed the update, and so I now see that there are Free Downloads and Templates which weren't there for the Beta version, and I get the same thing when I try to access those.

I've attached a screenshot of what happens when I click on either of those kinds of links from SL.

Also, although I have it checked to look for updates when opening SL, it didn't notify me of the recent update. I saw it mentioned in the forums and had to go out and get it manually.



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Peter Anderson

Hi George, 

Thanks for posting the screenshot. I haven't seen that before, but a quick Google search illuminated that there seems to be something Microsoft-related that causes links to open in Notepad. Are you experiencing that elsewhere, or just with Storyline? I'd recommend contacting our support team for more help with that.

As for the update question, this wasn't an automatic update. Occasionally, we'll push out automatic updates to fix or improve some small things, but major upgrades (or dot upgrades) will be announced and will need to be manually updated, so you didn't miss anything notifications there. 

Sorry for the trouble, but I'm sure the support guys will be able to assist. 

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