Recent update has totally shut down our ability to access Articulate 360 apps on Windows 10 PCs, 64 bit

Aug 07, 2019

I hope this is just about our internal environment, and that it doesn't happen to you, but this update has had us dead in the water for the past 2.5 weeks -  Some of us haven't yet done the update and can use the apps just fine, but if we accepted the update we are down. And, reverting to the previous version was tricky because, somehow, the system retained that we had updated.  Now, the one system that we got to revert continues to attempt to push the update.

You'll see on the above linked page that Articulate says you can install an older version, but you'll have to get the links for those from them, and our attempts at installing them did not yield successful access.

Attached are images that show the various pop ups and corrupted shell windows that we've gotten around this issue.

We do have a case opened.

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