Problem drawing results from question bank

Jul 12, 2017

Storyline 2, Update 12:1705.520

I have tried the content on Oracle LMS and Scorm Cloud, in Scorm 1.2 and 2004.

I have tried to search for the solution to this already, but those that are similar don't seem to have a fix that works for me.


I have created a policy review module for compliance. There are 11 policies. Each policy starts with an Introduction to the policy with a link to the actual policy PDF on our Sharepoint server. They then answer questions.

For four of the policies, I am using question banks (QBs) to draw questions. The QBs each have between 7 and 11 questions, and I am drawing 5 randomly for each. The module is really a series of policy-based scenarios interspersed with scenario-based questions (not drawn from QBs). A few policies do not have scenarios (questions drawn from QBs).

Each policy ends with a Result slide. Success requires 80% (4/5 counted with a variable) to be able to progress to the next policy. The learner can review what they did wrong, and retry if required.


On the sections with QBs, the learner plays through, answers all 5 drawn from the QB, and gets their result. If they have to retry, the result slide is reset, and they are sent back to the Introduction slide. What happens (seemingly inconsistently, as I have not been able to determine a pattern) is that the retry only draws 3 of the questions from the QB, and this obviously results in insufficient score to continue, getting stuck in a loop as the 3-question thing repeats until I close the module and re-start.

Any idea why the 3-question thing happens and how I can resolve it? This is in the middle of roll-out and did not happen in testing phase. Now with more people going through the module, we picked this up a few times.

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for all of those details, Wayne. I'm sorry you're running into this, and I have a hunch about what's going on. Can you help me with a few questions?

  • Are you viewing the Flash or HTML5 output?
  • Is your course navigation set to Restricted?
  • Are the question slides set to "No Feedback"?

We're seeing a problem in Storyline 2 HTML5 where you won't see all of the quiz questions during quiz retry. This happens when navigation is set to Restricted and question slides are set to "No Feedback". Does that sound similar to what you're seeing?

Wayne Adams

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks very much for your speedy and helpful feedback.

  • Generating SCORM with HTML5. Tried the Flash, and that has other problems with our system.
  • Restricted. As it is a Compliance course we didn't want them to skip, however I could probably mitigate that with variables at the end, if that is the problem.
  • No Feedback. Due to the number of policies and scenario questions, pilot testers were finding the feedback slowed them down.

Ok, so I'll go try it with the settings changed and see what the impact is.


Alyssa Gomez

Hmm, did you publish for LMS with SCORM 1.2? It could be that you exceeded the suspend data limit, which is the element that tells the learning management system (LMS) where you leave off when you exit the course and lets you resume the course later in the same place without having to start over.

Try republishing for LMS with SCORM 2004 3rd Edition or 4th Edition, both of which support much longer suspend data. Let me know if that helps!

Wayne Adams

Right, Thanks for all your assistance so far Alyssa.

I have determined that:

1. I am exceeding the Suspend Data size on Scorm 1.2 (a gross amount of characters are added per quiz question!).

2. Although our Oracle LMS SHOULD support 2004, I can only do an either/or juggle between uploading 1.2 or 2004 content??? Or that's what the system administrators/techs would have me believe. And all our other content is 1.2. Re-uploading everything as 2004 may be beneficial, but not a short-term solution, even if all the content source was available to do the republish.

So to try something else - I have tried a few things to reduce the size of our Suspend Data string. The most successful was to reset Revisiting State to Reset to Initial State for each question, but keep the state at Resume Saved State for Result Slide. Not a major issue, as when they pass each quiz, they should carry on and not need to (or necessarily want to) revisit even with your previous suggested fix for flexibility on Restricted (Free was not an option for us).

However. If they don't pass each individual quiz, the review shows incorrect for each question (not answered) as it has Reset to Initial State once the page has passed. A rather obvious problem in retrospect!

Is there a way (trigger?) I can reset the slides' state for each quiz once they complete/pass the result slide for the respective quiz. Or, is there a way I can reduce the length of the string in another way? They often complete the module in 2-3 sessions, due to work commitments.

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