Problem Hiding next and previous buttons


I've been trying to hide the next and previous button on all of my project's slides. 

When reviewing a quiz  the buttons appear even though there are next and previous buttons that i have manually created. The problem does not occur while doing the quiz / reviewing a preview of the spesific scene.

It does occur while previewing the whole project. 

I would appriciate your help 

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Peter Anderson

Hi Ryan, welcome to the community!

I'll attach the comments from Maytal's case below:

The reason why the player navigation buttons show's up only when you review the quiz is because when you take the quiz you only get a "Submit" button that submits your answers for validation and move to the next question. Since you have already submitted your answers, it would only be logical to display the Player navigation when you review the quiz. 

You may want to submit a feature suggestion that would request for an option to disable/hide the player navigation buttons when the "Review Quiz" button is selected and if you have a custom navigation in place. To ensure that your suggestion is appropriately routed to our product development team for review, please submit your feature via our Feature Request Form: 

As for allowing your users to retry the quiz, have you checked the appropriate box in your result slide properties

Ryan O'Shea

Thanks Peter,

I may need to elaborate a bit.

I have set the quiz slide up with a custom "previous" and "submit" button at the bottom (which works fine). The issue I'm running into is, after I submit an answer and proceed to the next slide, if I want to go back and change my answer right away the built in "previous" and "next" buttons appear and I cannot click on a different answer (see attached jpg). The only work around for this I've found is to reset the slide to it's initial state (which I'd prefer not to do).



Ryan O'Shea

The resolution for this was to change the trigger on the custom "submit" button. Originally I had it set to "submit interaction multiple choice", I have since changed this to simply jump to the next slide, since all answers are submitted at the end of the quiz, no need to submit interaction on each quiz slide.