Problem resizing buttons

Hi Guys,

Please find an image for menu button created attached. Now what I've done is that I've created the menu icon over the box separately in edit states mode. After coming out of the edit state mode the button acts like one (which should be the case) but when I try to resize it, only the blue box gets resized and not the icon.

Also when I tried to export an image for the button. It only saved the blue box and no icon. I had to take a screenshot and attach it here.

Anyone who can help me out here ?


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Parashuram Vhaval

Glad it helped you Yusuf.

And I am agree with Phil.

If you add any object in state, still that object is different object, and software won't recognize it as part of the parent object. So whenever you edit object, it applies those effects to parent object.

But when you group more than two objects you are telling software to consider these 2-3 objects as one set, or part of each other.