problem score with a randomize quiz

Apr 10, 2020


I created a question bank with 14 questions. 

Then, I created a draw of 10 questions whit a result slide in a scene with this bank. 

In eatch Questions, I put a reference "%Result.ScorePercent%" to show to the learner the evolution of his score. 

For exemple : Without using bank of question and with 10 questions, the score progress 10 by 10 --> Q1, good answer --> 10% -->Q2, good answer --> 20% --> Q3, wrong answer --> score don't move --> 20%...

But when i'm using a draw of a bank of question, le results is completely different...

For exemple : With a draw of 10 questions --> Q1, good answer --> 100% directly --> Q2, wrong answer --> 50% --> Q3 good answer --> 66.66%...

I don't know how to do to have a result like the first exemple when i use a draw of a question bank. 

Someone has a solution ? 



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Antonin!

I'm happy to help!

It sounds like you're tracking the scoring of a randomized quiz using question banks. Would you mind sharing your file so I can see what you've created so far? 

You can either share it in this discussion by using the Add Attachment button, or you can share it privately using this upload link. Either way, we'll take a look and share our findings.

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