Problem sprinkling questions throughout content

I haven't seen this discussed before, sorry if this is well known...

If quiz questions are distributed throughout content, there's a problem the learner can run into after correctly/incorrectly answering a question and proceeding to the next presentation slide...

If the learner decides to back up to the question to review it once more by clicking PREV... the question appears with PREV/NEXT buttons and is incorrectly assuming the quiz is in REVIEW mode. It is not.

This means... when the learner decides to leave the question by clicking NEXT, it will NOT take him to the next slide.  Instead, the NEXT button skips content and proceed directly to the next quiz question.

Storyline has a bad behavior here...  The NEXT button should proceed to the next slide, not the next quiz question. The quiz is not in review mode at this time.


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Sam Carter

So... I cooked up a demo .story for you and found the behavior to be fine. This raised the question about what is different in my master file.  It's complicated.

The problem arises when a course is broken into modules and each module ends with a quiz question.  Life would be much easier if there were an empty slide after the quiz question.

Anyway, Storyline gets complicated in this scenario as each question's feedback layer must be linked directly to the next scene.

Next, it is necessary to paste a trigger in the base layer to link to the next scene.  For the benefit of the answered question's NEXT button.  If a learner revisits the question slide, NEXT will take him there.

So... everything works just fine. Until you get fancy and offer the learner a way to "quiz out" of the course by taking the quiz only and skipping the narrative...

To do the "quiz out", each quiz feedback layer needs two triggers, one to test the quiz out variable and proceed directly to the next quiz question.

What is anomalous at this point is the trigger on the base layer is still required for NEXT to work, but SL takes the target link from the FIRST trigger it finds on the question layer feedback.  I was able to reverse the order of these two triggers and the behavior is corrected.

As far as I can tell, the destination slide on the base layer trigger is ignored, but the trigger needs to be there.

It's messy when a quiz question ends a scene.

The source was uploaded in case 00562705.