Problem uploading SCORM package to Moodle

Mar 07, 2017

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help in relation to trying to upload a SCORM package to Moodle. I've already uploaded about 40 packages without a problem.  This particular file is just 11MB in size but it won't upload.  It's just hanging for some reason.

  1. I re-imported the content into a fresh file in case it had been corrupted but it still won't work.
  2. I also ran it through Scorm Cloud and it's uploading and playing fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can check to get it working please?

Thanks as always for your help.


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Deirdre Cashion

Thanks guys for the suggestions  Yes I did check storage and there's plenty there so it can't be that issue. 

I have a funny feeling that something has become corrupted with the Storyline file as other files are uploading no problem.  But as I say, I did reimport the content into a fresh file to try to negate that but it had no impact.  I'll re-investigate Moodle and see if there's something there causing the issue.  Thanks

Deirdre Cashion

I just tried uploading the file there again, and now I'm getting the famous error message that says 'Incorrect file package - missing IMSmanifest.xml or AICC structure.  I've checked the threads and can see this occurs from time to time.

I've made sure to create the zip file from within Storyline and I can see the imsmanifest.xml file there so I'm not sure what the problem is.   I also can't really see any concrete fixes from the threads mentioned above

Does anybody have any ideas of what I can try please?  Thanks

Dan Marsden

You could try a free moodlecloud site - if it works there, it's probably an issue with your server configuration, probably something like the php zip extension missing.

also might be useful to make sure you've been through all the items in this list:

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