Problem viewing story.html in Internet Exporer

May 25, 2016

Hi everyone!

I have created a course that works great in Chrome. However, when open it in Internet explorer everything looks the same but for example the navigation don't work as it should in specific slides. (The problem only occurs in some Internet explorer version)

The slides where the problem occur has a lot of triggers and variables. Could that have something to do with it?

If not, do anyone have suggestion on what to do to avoid the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


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Madeleine Canderudh

I thought I was presenting the course in flash but after a closer look at the URL I realized that  I had been redirected to the html 5 version.  I'ts a shame that Storyline html 5 don't work in Internet explorer. 

However, I did a small re-construction of the production and the major  issues have disappeared. However I will recommend my users to open the course in Chrome. 

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