Problem when publishing for iPhones

We're starting to develop lots of flashcard type training built specifically for smartphones. So they're set with the ratio of 360 width and 640 height. (holding your phone vertically).

We have learners scan a barcode to go to the content directly so they can view it on their phones. On Android it works just fine. However, on iOS devices when it publishes there is a redirect to an intermediary ioslaunch.html page. This page puts a thumbnail of the first slide on screen with a play button below. NORMALLY, this works just fine when publishing for standard dimensions.

HOWEVER, when publishing with vertical dimensions like the ones above, the thumbnail image obstructs the play button so nobody can open it.

Are there any solutions outside of manually editing the ioslaunch.html page or thumbnail.jpg every time I publish for these dimensions?

Thanks for your help!


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Dan Myers

Oh, and one more note on why we need to use vertical dimensions...

We're delivering the content through QR codes and unfortunately, most QR code readers launch webpages in their own proprietary browsers rather than native safari. Most of those qr code reader apps do not allow screen rotation, so we're stuck with vertical.