Problem when uploading LMS

We published a course to scorm, and uploaded it to the client's LMS platform (Moodle). When we opened to check, we encountered this sign that said a feature was disabled "while viewing locally", but the thing is, this isn't a local environment, it's the client's cloud LMS platform. This sign appearing just makes no sense.

Any ideas what could be causing it? If it's something from the storyline publishing or if we should contact Moodle directly?

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Mica!

Although I don't have much experience with Moodle, I'm happy to rule out any issues on Storyline's end that could be impacting the upload.

An easy way to pinpoint the cause is to upload the published file to SCORM Cloud, a free industry-standard LMS testing tool. If the problem happens there, that tells us that something went awry during the publishing process.

If you need a hand with testing, share your LMS output package with us right here and we'll do the rest!

Mica Oli

Hi, thanks!

We always test our scorm packages in Scorm Cloud before uploading to the client's server to avoid any issues and make sure everything tracks fine. We could see the course perfectly there.

Fortunately, our team managed to solve the issue by deleting and creating the course page in moodle once again, which deleted all previous files and such things. This worked for us and the course run normally after that. 

Thanks for reaching out though! Hopefully this solution helps someone else with this problem if it ever happens again :)