Problem with alignment text master slide


I have a problem with the alignment of my text in the slide master (see attachment). Or actually the layout that I created in the slide master will not apply correctly on the slides I create.

In the slide master I have aligned the placeholdertext '#' in the middle (see for instance the layout called 'question' in the slide master), but when I make a new slide and apply this layout to the slide and adjust the text, the text is alligned to the left (see for instance slide '2.2 Vraag' in scene 2 called '2 hoofdstuk 1') .

I have no idea how to fix this, can somebody help me with this?

I hope I described the problemen clearly, if not let me know.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Nynke. I see what you're saying – thanks for letting me know which slides and layouts to view. 

This looks like a bug with the alignment not saving from the slide master to the actual slide. I see this is happening in both Storyline 2 and Storyline 360. I will document it for my team to review! We'll post any updates in this discussion.

Crystal Horn

Hi Nynke. After further testing, I found that deleting the text placeholder and adding a new one with the same font and text size, set to center alignment, worked. When I added a new slide in your project that used that layout, the alignment remained in the center. I'm not sure why making the change in the existing placeholder isn't holding.

Is it possible for you to recreate that text placeholder and then check the associated slides? I see two slides that use the Question Vraag layout.