Problem with audio, "Prev" button and "Resume saved state"

Apr 18, 2014

Hello Team,

I thought I had this issue nailed, but not so . . . I have a base layer with 4 triggered layers.  The base layer has audio which I want to keep playing during the selection of 4 the layers.  The "Resume saved state" takes care of the audio playing without interruption but creates a different problem ... when viewing the next slide in the sequence and attempting to use the "Previous" button, it flashes the previous slide for a moment and then snaps back to the following slide.  See the screen capture of the event.

Any help would be appreciated!


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rehan arshad

Hi VAL the file you have shared is broken, please share .story file

Try this, not to select resume saved state at Base Layer, Select Automatically decide.

But for each of the four layers Uncheck "Pause the timeline of Base layer" this will keep the audio plating on each layer. Also check or Uncheck the Option "Prevent the user from clicking in base layer" on every layer according to your requirement.

rehan arshad

Hi Val what I have guessed is that you have applied 2 triggers on the same slide, i.e Slide 1.1, 1st trigger is to jump to slide 1.2 when timeline ends. also there is another trigger that is implemented on slide 1.1. I guess that is to jump to that same slide(1.1), because I have seen the Loop back sign on you first slide in the video. Use one of these triggers at one time maybe this would be the reason.

What you can do is to set "Reset to initial state or Automatically decide" Don't use Resume saved state for slide 1.1

Second thing is you have to remove two triggers on the slide 1.1 and use a single trigger.

Also for slide 1.2 check the trigger on previous button, is it Set to jump to previous slide or not????

Sometimes the the trigger you have used on First slide, i.e "When timeline ends" Shows the same behavior as that of your slide is, so change it and check it by replacing with "Jump to next slide when user clicks the next button" and see if then the "Previous button" of slide 1.2 works or not.

If nothing works, Then Upload your the Articulate file by clicking the "Clip button" below "Leave your reply" and attach the .story file. so I can see and fix what's going wrong.

Val Jon Farris

Hi Rehan,

Thanks so much for taking time to help me.  I checked the triggers for slide 1.1 base layer and there are not 2 triggers, there is only 1.  Also, no combination of "when revisiting" options on the base layer or it's sub layers makes any difference.  Either the audio works fine when clicking through the 4 sub layers BUT the Prev button does not work, OR the Prev button works, BUT the audio track on the base layer gets interrupted when selecting any of its 4 sub layers.

I tried changing the 1.1 slide trigger to "user click" rather than "advance when timeline ends and all works fine BUT I do not wish to have the user click anything, I want the slide to advance automatically.

And Rehad,  if I need only upload a single "file" rather than the folder and files, which file would it be?



rehan arshad

HI Val I get when is wrong with you story.

What you have done is, you have set the triggers on each layer, "Jump to slide 1.1" when user clicks the "Return button" instead of using "Hide this layer when user clicks the Return button".

Check the demo I have made for you it is not exactly the same as that of your is but I have tried to copy that

Also I have used Reset to initial state when revisit on the base layer of slide 1.1. Please note the options I have used for each layer and Base layer.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

Val Jon Farris


Great solution!  It is amazing the series of combinations that are possible.  I must take more time to explore and document these combinations.  I now will use "hide" but I'm not certain still how all the combinations work.  I wonder if there could be a "logic chart" or "map" our community could use to identify such combinations and their outcomes?  What a great service that would be, yes? 

The only remaining issue is how to not have the audio track play again when a student clicks the "prev" button.  Is there a command to disable audio once it has been listened to once without causing the slide to jump back to the previous slide?  If I use the "When revisiting: Resume saved state" I get the same problem of the previous slide not staying on the screen, but instead jumping to the previous slide.

In gratitude for your help,


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