Problem with click and reveal

Mar 08, 2021


I am having an issue with this slide not matter what I do! And it's just 2 rectangles (the navy ones) that won't click and reveal. I have tried everything. They are not part of a button set or anything that I can see. Can someone take a look at this and see what I'm missing please?

It also won't let me preview just this slide--I have to put it in a separate scene and preview scene. 

Thank you!


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, Kathleen.

Thank you for sharing your .story file and for detailing what you are experiencing. 

I noticed you had a shape called Rectangle 1 on top of your Guilt button. Once I removed that shape, your button worked as expected. The other Navy button, Embarrassed, was working, but it did not have a hover state. 

I used the Format painter to copy the states from Guilt to Embarrassed.

I was also able to use Preview this slide. If you are still having problems with the preview, let us know so we can take a deeper look for you. 

I am attaching the edited .story file here. 

Let me know if this works!

Judy Nollet

Hi, Kathleen,

The layers on the slide have transparent shapes that are supposed to cover the corresponding button (so it won't hover). However, on some layers, those shapes were covering more than the corresponding button. 

  • On the Ambivalence layer, the transparent shape is also covering most of the Guilt button. And the Fear and Doubt shape is actually covering the Embarrassed button and part of the Loss and Grief button. So clicking the buttons in order actually covers the Guilt & Embarrassed buttons.

It took me a while to figure this out, because I wasn't looking closely at the layers. So I started by checking the buttons on the base first. 

  • FYI: You're making things difficult for yourself by using a separate shape and text box for the buttons. It's easier to just use a shape, and add text directly to it.
  • Also, when you add a Visited state, it will automatically appear when the user clicks. That way, you don't need triggers to change the state to a custom one.

The 1st slide in the attachment is an edited version of your original slide (which I kept as the 2nd slide). It fixes the transparent-shapes issue and incorporates the above suggestions. You'll also see that I renamed all the shapes. 

  • A good naming convention makes it easier to check triggers.

I hope this helps!