Problem with HTML5 export and Jump to Slide

Jun 20, 2014


I'm new to Articulate Storyline and just created my first interactive SCORM project. It's basically a mix of videos and some quizzes afterwards. Everytime a video finishes, the course should automatically advance to the corresponding slide containing the quiz. I used the "Jump to Slide" trigger to implement this. This works totally fine in the flash version. However in the exported HTML5 output it only works once. Afterwards videos just end and nothing happens.

I already tried different triggers such as "Jump to next slide" vs. "Jump to slide X" or "when media finishes" vs. "when timeline ends".

Any ideas on that? What am I doing wrong here?

I would be very happy if anybody could help me with this.

Regards, Benjamin.

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning Benjamin, and welcome to Heroes!

When I created a .story project file similar to your description and published it, it seemed to perform as-expected for me.  Did I miss something there?

Are you testing your content in its intended environment?

If the problem persists, please feel free to send us a copy of your .story project file for a closer look.  Thanks!

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