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Jan 14, 2013

Hi all,

I'm having some problems with my imported videos (mp4) and having the video controls work properly. The start, pause and resume controls work just fine UNLESS I scrub the play head to speed up the video. If I do that, then I can no longer replay the video once it reaches the end. T

Another problem I'm having is that I have a trigger that has the slide jump to a new slide when the timeline of the video finishes. Again, this works fine UNLESS I scrub the playhead. If I do that, the video finishes and does not jump to the next slide as it would otherwise.

his happens during preview and after publishing.

Any idea on what is happening here and how I can avoid this? 

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Noelle T

Thanks Christine,

I can't send the whole .story file put a made a quick 2 pager that produces the same problem. You'll find it attached. Everything works fine unless you try and move through the video with the progress bar. If you do, the trigger no longer works that automatically moves to the next slide, and you can't replay the movie once it reaches the end.

Also, the mp4s were created by a production company. So I can't answer you on how they were made.

Noelle T

Oh jeez! I just figured it out. I had my trigger set to move to the next slide when the timeline of the video ends. But I should have set it to end when the media completes! It looked like it wasn't working, but it was actually waiting for the timeline to end if I altered the progress bar in any way. 

Yay for me! LOL But thanks for the offer of help Christine.

Noelle T

Hi again,

Actually I just realized I solved one of the problems with the above, but not the other one. 

I'm still experiencing a problem with the player controls. I can no longer replay the video if I've moved the progress bar or hit pause and replay while the video is running. Once the move reaches the end, the play button no longer seems to function. I know I could use buttons to control the video but I'd much rather use the actual video controls and show the progress bar and timing. The link I attached above demonstrates this if you want to give it a try.

Any ideas on how I can get this working properly?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Noelle,

Hmm. I'm not having any issues with playing the video after using the controls. However, I made the change you mentioned above with the slide advancing, so the video doesn't stay on the slide anymore after it's complete. I've been moving forward, backward and pausing, but the play button is still functioning for me. 

If you've made a change to the file, can I see it? Just to make sure I'm not missing anything here.


Noelle T

The slide advancing to the next page problem is fine now. I'm just having a problem with video play in general.

I've attached a one slide .story file here. If you preview it, press the play button on the video control and let the video start playing.Then move the progress bar until almost to the end and let it finish playing until it stops Then try hitting the play button again after it's finished once. It won't work for me.

This happens if I alter the the progress bar in any way, including if I hit the pause button. But you only notice a problem if you let it finish, and then try to start it again.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Noelle,

Thanks very much

I took a look and you're right, if you click toward the end of the video on the seekbar when it's built into the video, it won't replay. However, I think this is because of how clicks are read on that specific seekbar. If you click on the beginning of the seekbar, instead of the play button, it seems to play again for me. 

I also disabled the seekbar that you have attached to the video, itself, and enabled the player seekbar for just this slide. It doesn't seem to happen when you do it this way. Is this not an option for you?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Noelle,

Awesome, I'm glad that's an option for you. I wasn't sure if you were required to use the previous bar, or not.

I'm not entirely certain it would be considered a bug, I think it may have something to do with the way the seekbar works when it's attached to the video itself. Since the video is playing with the timeline, the seekbar for the slide it self will just plain function better, honestly

However, you're more than welcome to contact our technical team about this, if you'd like more information about why it behaves like that. 

I hope you have a great evening, Noelle!

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