Problem with layers/states on an interactive image

Hi, I'm having trouble with an interactive picture i've created in storyline.

Here is what I have:

  • I have a base image with a question that sits on a slide.
  • I have an image on layer1
  • I have an image on layer2
  • I have a congrats message on layer3

Here is what I would like:

  1. When the learner clicks on the image (on layer1); and
  2. When the learner clicks on the image (on layer2); I would like:
  3. The congrats message (on layer3) to display.

I need both images(on layer1 & 2) to register as having been 'clicked' or visited (in any order) and (both images to stay displayed once 'clicked'), then layer3 to appear (and the question on the base slide to disappear). For a while i had it working but it required an extra click on one of the images. I now can't seem to replicate.

  • I also have 'visited' states setup on the images that sit on layer1 & layer2.

Hope this makes sense. I worry I may have complicated the process and their may be a simpler way to get my desired outcome. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ~ Andrew

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Michael Hinze

This may be too simplistic, but you could achieve the same functionality, by having the question and the two clickable pics on the baselayer, plus the Congrats layer. See attached a quick example. The congrats layer is shown if both pic are in their Visited state. The congrats layer is set up to hide the question on the base layer, but leaving the two  clicked pics. Maybe this works for you.

Michael Hinze

Andrew H said:

Hello Michael.

Thank you for your help. I now have it working!

I took your advice and kept things simpler and it works perfectly.

Here is a screenshot of the final 'congrats page' working. This is only at concept/test stage and I still have to do final photography and tweak.




Hi Andrew, thanks for sharing the screenshot, looks great! Good luck with your project.