Problem with reviewing quiz results from results slide

Just built a quiz, added a results slide all fine, except when you click the review your answers button.  The review highlights incorrect and correct answers that simply do not match user input.  For instance, just now I ran through my quiz, answered everything correctly - reviewed my answers from the results slide and it showed that I had answered more than half incorrectly - even though I hadn't.  I don't understand - have not adjusted the results slide from storyline template apart from making it look pretty.  Can anyone help so that the review answers from the results slide reflects the answers that the user puts in? All questions set to one attempt only. Thanks.

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Ruth Sparrey

Thank you so much for your help.  I changed to automatically decide and it now works.  Now I have a new problem that is related.  On completion of the review I would like to go back to the results slide to print the results.  It does not allow me to do that.  It stays locked on the last review question.  Any ideas for how to get back to the results slide after the review?  Thanks so much.

Ruth Sparrey

OK, I have just had another play and notice two more things:

1) You can get back to the results slide after the review as long as you click the previous button all the way back -on every slide -  this is a bit of a faff really.  Does this mean I need to think about a complicated trigger?

2) When playing back through the quiz to review correct / incorrect answers the quiz questions are not reviewed in the order that they have been placed in the quiz.  They play back in the order of the slide numbers prescribed by storyline.  In other words my quiz slides were put together after various edits and I had to reorder them.  They play back in the review in the original order.  This means that question 1 is played back in the review about half way through.....rather than the first question.  It's all a bit out of there a quick way to fix?  Seems that the review will only play them in the order that they appear in the results review slide set up.  When you go into edit this you can't move the slides into a different order.

Thanks again