Problem with score in LMS when reseting a quiz based on question bank, when score regression is prohibited

Jan 20, 2016


We discovered a weird bug on score, in SL2, V7 : 

- Our module use 3 question banks to randomize questions in our quiz.

- Our result slide allows users to retry quiz.

- In the export, the variable "SCORE_CAN_ONLY_IMPROVE" (in 'Configuration.js') is set to "true" to avoid score regression.


We have tested our module on SCORM Cloud in order to be able to trace all logs between the module and the LMS.

There is the steps to reproduce the bug : 

- Pass the quiz once and have a low score, for example, 33%.

- Quit the module

- Relaunch the module and when asked, choose to continue where you left off.

- On the result slide, click on "Start again quiz".

- Quit the module without passing any question.

- In SCORM Cloud, the score was "33%". After reseting quiz (and just this), the score evolved to 50%, with no reason.


Without question bank or, if the parameter "SCORE_CAN_ONLY_IMPROVE" is set on false, the bug didn't occurs. 

Have you already encountered this kind of issue ? Is there  some "tricks" to avoid that ?

Arnaud JAYET

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