Problem with storyline 2 rendering fonts in chromium based browsers

We have a font rendering issue using storyline 2.  We have problem solved the issue down to the inability of  chromium based browsers using hardware acceleration  e.g. chrome and the new microsoft edge beta begin able to render our bespoke fonts correctly when exporting from storyline.  They can render fine if I use adobe typekit onto  html webpages. The font in question is omnes.  I can view it fine on chrome for mac (hardware acceleration on on) ?!!! This is amazingly frustrating.  Changing our fonts are not an option as they are our brand fonts.

The issue is  definitely hardware acceleration  in windows chrome.  I can hardly tell users to go into their advanced settings in chrome and turn it off?!!!!!!  Has anyone come across this issue and has a workable  solution?

Thanks in advance.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Iain!

I'm happy to investigate this situation you're are running into with fonts in Storyline 2!

It sounds like the fonts are displayed incorrectly in Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which could be an issue with Flash. Both Chrome and Microsft Edge don't use Flash unless it's installed separately.

How are you publishing the course in Storyline 2? Also, would you mind sharing a screenshot of how the course is displayed on your end?