Problem with Storyline course

This course has been published in our LMS. Users are sporadically having issues and I can't figure out why!  If they use the "Learn" track and miss a quiz question, they can decide to retry or "continue" and listen to the information again before retaking the quiz.  But, on occasion, when they go back to the quiz, they are unable to mark any answers and they get stuck!  I haven't been able to recreate the problem in the preview mode, so I don't know if it is a program problem, a publishing problem or an LMS problem.  (Update!  I tried it in preview this morning and was able to get stuck!  Not sure if that's good or bad since I still don't know how to get unstuck!!)

I am publishing from a local drive, not a shared drive.  The problem started when I reworded a couple of the questions, but I didn't change anything else.  ANY help I can get would be greatly appreciated.  My users are terribly frustrated (and so am I!)

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Emily Ruby

Hi Ellen,

i do see that on the "try again" buttons you do not have a trigger to reset the results. If you have them set to jump to the slide to retake the quiz without resetting the results, this will put the quiz into review mode and they will not be able to retake the quiz.

you can also change the results slide options to allow user to retry quiz. This will automatically add these triggers to a retry quiz button.