Problem with Storyline HTML5 display on iPhone on Moodle

Hi Christine & everyone,

As a follow up to this thread:

I guess I should start a new thread because the issue is not longer how SL is displayed on the iPhone but how it is displayed on Moodle on the iPhone.

I am getting the same kind of choppy results as shown in the thread I mentioned above when I try to get a SL SCORM package run on Moodle on the iphone.

I have set 100%x100% window frame to host the SCORM package on Moodle.

However, it is perfectly seen when the SL SCORM package is seen o the iPad or  from outside Moodle.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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Gonzalo Rosetti

Hi Ashley,

It is true, I am bringing the discussion in that thread here. I thought it would be convenient to open a new thread because the problem is not longer SL running on iPhone. It actually runs smoothly when SL runs as standalone on a server.

The problem is when SL runs in a SCORM iframe on Moodle on an iPhone. There I get the choppy images mentioned in these old threads: 

I am using SL latest update (5.*), Moodle 2.6, iOS latest update (7.*)

I'd appreciate any ideas.

Thanks a lot!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gonzalo,

No problem, I'll reply here - but at least now they're linked for anyone else following along. 

There is currently a known issue where iFrame content will not display correctly while viewing the HTML5 content on an iPhone or iPad, but it sounds like you are only seeing it on your iPhone? Our team is investigating this issue, but since each LMS player is different, it's also worth checking in with your LMS team regarding how to force the content out of the iFrame. You could test the course at SCORM Cloud as well, which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM Content, to see how the course behaves there. That would be helpful information to share with your Moodle team if it's not reproducible. 

Gonzalo Rosetti

Thank you Ashley.

I have tested the course on an iPhone, Android smartphone and iPad. I tested at SCORM Cloud as well.

The issue with the iFrame seems to be the problem because the course runs perfectly on all devices when it runs out of the iFrame.

And it is not only the iFrame on Moodle but iFrames in general. I included the course in an iFrame on another application and the course did not run well when published.

So, I'll be looking forward for an upgrade of SL with the solution. I'm sure you will find a way.