Problem with visited state

Nov 28, 2013


1. I have two images on a slide - both have a visited state of a green tick. both go to a lightbox slide

2. I have a next button. with a state of visited and a hove state.  The inital state of the button is set to 'Normal'  The visited state should show a text caption that states ' Click the next button to contine'

3. I have created a trigger on the button that says change the state of the next button to visited when the states of the images have been visited.

So basically what I want to happen is when both images have been visited I want the next button to display text caption that says 'click the next button'. 

I cannot get this to work for some reason?  Can somebody please help?


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Alison, just took a look at Simon's solution and this is exactly what I was going to recommend. The trick is to create a custom state for your Next button instead of trying to us the built-in Visited state. The Visited State in Storyline is used to flag when a user has clicked the button or object. Storyline will automatically change a button to this state when it is clicked. In your case, the user was not clicking on the next button so the Visited state for that button as not being triggered.

Alison McLeavy

Hi Simon,

I have done everything you have suggested - but for some reason I still cannot get it to work.  Is it because I have a hover state to the next button that may be over-riding the condition.  Also my next button does not work when adding the variable.  Am I able to upload the project for you to have a look at?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Salau,

This thread is a bit older, so I'm unsure what issues you're having with the trigger and conditions. Could you share a bit more information about your set up and what you'd like to see vs. what is happening? Also it would be helpful to have a .story file to look at so we can look at all your triggers and their trigger order. 

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