Problems on iPhone

Hello - I am working on this Storyline activity. It works on PC/Mac and iPads but I can't get it to work on an iPhone. I disabled the option to use the Articulate player app thinking it would be easier for my end user. I also restricted to landscape for tablets and phones. The file loads but the "I want to help" button doesn't begin the activity. I tried 3 different phones and tried Safari and Chrome browser on phone. Any suggestions? Thank you. -Jim


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

I tested this on iPhone 6S with iOS 10.3.2 and it all worked normally. I clicked "I want help" and then dragged the back fin and the middle one (I don't know their real names...I have an aversion to fish) and was able to continue through out the course. 

Can you let me know what iOS devices you were testing on? Then I can ask a few colleagues to help too! 

Jim Murtagh

Hello Ashley,

I'm trying on the same model phone and iOS. I swipe up to get to full screen, and then no matter how carefully I try to touch the orange button, I get the top and bottom safari browser bars (see picture). The story never starts for me. I'm going to try a quick modification and move button further from the edge. Thanks.

Jim Murtagh

Sounds exactly like my approach. 

I just tried moving the button to the middle of screen and it works (the "next" button on the following screen doesn't function because it's in the same position). Even tried using a stylus thinking my finger was not accurate enough (same results). Maybe I'll just do a redesign and stay further from the edges.

Crystal Horn

Hey Jim.  I had the same issue you did with my iPhone SE (same size as a 5).  You can see what happens in my Peek screencast here.

I'm going to make sure my team has this issue on our radar, and I'll add your discussion to our documentation.

I'll update you here if we are able to make any improvements or other suggestions besides staying away from the lower edges!