Problems with not wanting a project to be converted into Storyline

I upgraded to Storyline 2, but I have a project that I created in Storyline 1 that I don't want to convert yet.  When I try to open the project, it asks me if I want to upgrade the project to Storyline 2; I chose "not now".  Now I'm just getting a box that says "Upgrading Project", but nothing is happening.  I've let it sit for several minutes and my project isn't opening.  On the left side of the screen in Storyline, under "Recent" I can see a thumbnail of my story as well as a few blank thumbnails with the same name as my project.  I've tried restarting, but that isn't helping.  I don't want to be forced to update this story because I'm concerned about any changing functionality.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Thoughts on a fix?

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