Problems with PeopleSoft LMS and Storyline 2 SCORM 1.2

Hello -

We developed a Storyline 2 course for a customer who uses the Oracle PeopleSoft LMS. The course functions properly on our LMS as well as on SCORM Cloud, but the customer is reporting errors upon launching the course along with tracking/scoring issues.

Has anyone run into similar issues with PeopleSoft running Storyline 2 SCORM exports? Any suggestions for further troubleshooting and resolution?

Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Corey and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

So, you are unable to replicate the issue in your own LMS and within SCORM Cloud? That certainly makes it hard to diagnose.

Hopefully some users will be able to pop in and assist if they have a similar set-up. I did want to link you to this thread where it looks like we have some others using this product and perhaps you could even reach out to them directly.

Have you tried other Reporting options? This article walks through some common LMS troubleshooting and may be of assistance as well.