Problems with Slide Masters

Mar 14, 2022

I have an issue with slide masters that defies my ideas and mathematics.

I have a project with 29 slides. 18 Slides contain the project information and instructions. 1 slide is the Question bank and there are 10 Questions.

When I go into the Slide Master to delete the Old Slide Master titled ‘Themetabs’ it shows there are 22 slides using that master and 20 Slides using the Question Layout. That is a total of 42 slides. I changed all of these to the Clean Master.

When I look at the Clean Master, it shows 28 slides with 10 in the Question Layout and the Question bank makes a total of 29. Perfect.

Why does the project think I am still using the old slide master and question slides? I have painstakingly checked every slide against the Apply layout function to be sure I have them only in the Clean Master.

I have had this issue with other projects but this one shows clearly that the old master still seems to be in the “memory” of the project. Is this a glitch or is there a solution I just don’t know.

I am attaching the file so you can see the issue.

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Richard Watson

Here's a trick I used to find which slides are using which layout.  Go to the Slide Master tab and create a blue rectangle for example and put it on the Master layout for the Themetabs layout and do the same for your other layout (Clean); make it an orange one. Then go into story view and you can get a quick look at which layouts are being used on which slides. If you have a quiz bank, you can also see what layout is applied there. Hope this helps you.


Jeffrey Riley

Thanks Tom and Richard for the tips and ideas. I solved part of this by deleting the Question Bank I did not need. I did not know that Question Banks stick with a project when imported.

I did like Richard's tip of putting a color on the Slide Master to see it clearly through out the project. Thanks!