Problems with sliders since updating ipad

Oct 14, 2019

I have just updated my ipad to the new ios version and have discovered my slider interactions in Storyline 3 are not working. They won't allow the user to drag the object on the slider up or down anymore whereas before they were working perfectly.

Has anyone else had this issue?

They work fine in the Chrome browser on my ipad but not in Safari.


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Gerry McAteer

Hi Ren, after some more investigation I have found a work around. I have deleted the 'Hover' state from the slider and the slider is now dragging as it should do. I also tried the original SL (with the hover state) in the latest version of Chrome for the iPad and it didn't work there either. Cheers Gerry

Mark Kirby

Published course from SL2 and sliders work on tablet with mobile viewer, but cannot be dragged in either Chrome or Edge browser - I get the hand icon when hover over the slider but cannot move them. I cannot republish course so any ideas how to fix this?

It's in the evaluation section



Lauren Connelly

Hello Xue!

It sounds like you're publishing your Storyline 360 course for Review 360 and then importing it into Rise 360. Is that correct?

If so, we do have an open bug where sliders aren't working on mobile devices in Review 360. Unfortunately, this impacts Rise 360 as well since courses are hosted in Review 360. I've added your comments to the bug report to update you when we release the fix.