Problems with state when creating a timeline

Oct 29, 2013


I am creating a timeline and I am having problems with the 'selected state' I have put on my dates. I have set them all up so that a triangle appears when they are in the 'selected state' but this doesn't seem to work properly when I preview my slide unless I double click on the date. If I then click randomly on the dates, the triangles appear in the wrong order.

I think this may have something to do with the fact that I have added triggers to the dates to show different layers when they are clicked on, but I am unsure on how to rectify it so that the selected state works properly - does anybody have any suggestions?

I have attached my storyline project so that you can see how it has been set up.



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Daniel Brigham


I've taken a look at the file, and it seems something wonky is happening. First, delete all the triggers you have on the layers; you don't need them, because you have all the triggers you need on the base layer (the one at the bottom of the layers panel).

Then import these slides into a new Storyline file, and see if the problem happens again. If so, submit a case to Articulate.

Odd that you have to double-click to get the selected state. --Daniel

Michaella Roess

Thanks Leslie!

Daniel - can you tell me which triggers you mean on the layers? I have removed the triggers that take you to the relevant layer when you click on the dates, but it now means I cannot navigate from each layer to the next one. For example, if the user is on the 1977 layer, they wont be able to click onto  the 1980s layer from there.

However, after deleting the triggers I can now see the triangle above each date when I click on it, apart from on the first 1977 layer! It works if I have clicked on all of the others and go back to that one, but it just doesn't appear initially.

Michaella Roess

Hi again,

I have made some changes to the file so I have attached it again.

I am still having problems with this, it seems that adding the triggers to the dates effects the selected state. I have removed all of the triggers on the layers as you said and I think I know what you mean about the base layer, but for some reason the base layer settings don't appear on all of the layers even though they are supposed to be visible on each one.

Do you have any idea what I might need to do make the base layer apply to every layer? I cant work out why it isn't doing it automatically.


Daniel Brigham

Sophie: This is basic stuff that should be working automatically, so I'm not sure what's going on. I built the roughest of examples using buttons and of course the "visited state" works fine: the button goes from blue to green when clicked on. See attached, and perhaps compare it to what you have.

Perhaps try using buttons instead? If you really need to have the pointy arrows, I'd submit a case to Articulate. Sorry I couldn't find exactly what's causing the problem. --Daniel

Nandini Khandekar

Hi Sophie

The states are not working properly because in each layer, you have pasted the red and grey background copied from the base layer. Also the dates text boxes are also copied from the base layer. The state is changing correctly but is masked by the date textbox which is pasted on top of it.

There is no need of the red and grey background on each layer. The background of base layer works on all layers. Same for the dates text boxes. This will unnecessarily increase the story file size which you absolutely dont want if working with large number of slides.

Check the .story file attached. I have deleted all the unwanted items from the layers and it is working perfectly.

Also I would have done it differently. Instead of playing with states, I'd have placed the small rectangle (from the selected state) on top of the date in the respective layer.

Hope I have explained it clearly.

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