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I am creating a module in storyline, using the timeline and animations to reveal objects one at a time, and in a particular order (on slide: landing page). The objects being revealed are different units, so once all revealed the user can click the unit they like (sending them to a different slide). After going through the lectures, I set a variable and a trigger to change the state of the unit to a completed state when revisiting the landing page, if the variable is true. This interaction works, however when restarting the slideĀ the first object to appearĀ is the object in the completed state. This is not how it is set up on the timeline; for example, a unit that I set to pop up fourth in the timeline is now popping up first, but with the same delay as the object that was originally set to pop up first. Does this make sense? Any idea as to why when there is a state change when revisiting the slide, that object comes up first?

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Sean McAlary

Hi Jason,

Here it is. The second slide is the one with the units. Click any of the first 3 (the 4th one: couples isn't quite working yet but I'll be able to figure that out). Click through the lectures that appear so they're all visited (the state isn't changing when I click a new lecture but the variable change still goes through...not too sure why), then hit the home button at the top of the page. Then you'll see what I'm talking about.

I'm leaving my office at 6pm today incase I don't see your reply right away. But if you could take a look at it and provide some feedback/tips about playing objects in the timeline that would be great! It's my first time doing so; the modules I have done before have been more static.

Thank you!

Jason Reed

Hi Sean,

I found a way around the issue. I've just changed the triggers that change the state of each button to complete. Instead of changing to complete when the timeline starts, I've just tweaked it to, Change state of RIGID BODIES to Complete when Timeline reaches 1.5secs. This way the states don't change until they appear on the screen. Does that make sense?

I've reattached your file with my tweaks :D