Problems with States, Triggers, and Variables

Oct 31, 2013

Hi  - I'm trying to build a menu slide in a presentation  and  I want the menu objects to change to a Visited state after all the layers  on the  slide the object points to have  been viewed. I created a variable with a  default setting of false,  then set up triggers - triggers on the menu slide that change the state of the objects to visited when the variable has changed and triggers on the slides that change the variable to true when all layers are viewed. But it doesn't work. I've looked around for tutorials, but don't  see anything on this specific issue. Any tips/ideas?

Thanks, Steve.

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Josh Uhlig


It is possible they aren't working due to a combination of where you have your triggers (timeline start, timline end, etc..) and the 'when revisiting' setting when returning to the menu slide.  I would set the menu slide's 'when revisiting' option to 'reset to initial state', and make sure you have your trigger that changes the objects to visited set to 'when timeline starts'.

If there is a chance you could share your presentation, it would be much easier to troubleshoot.

Josh Uhlig

I see you added the presentation.  It looks like there is a bigger issue then simply where you have your triggers placed.  One of the issue is that you are using the "When variable changes" option to trigger the state change on your menu slide.  The problem is, the variable never changes on your menu slide, so the visited option will never be triggered.  The variables only change on the other slides, so the menu slide trigger never sees the change.

You are better changing the trigger to "when timeline starts" with the same condition of 'varibale value = true' and then make sure you set the slide to reset to initial state.

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