problems with video and

Hello Community.  i am really new to this forum and just test driving Articulate.  The feedback and support is wonderful.  

I am hoping that someone can help me.  FYI this is what I have already done to try trouble shooting my problems: I used the FTP feature to load the files on the server.  I have already tried different browsers and video file types.

Here are my issues.  1) Insert Web object (my object refuses to play, 2) Insert video (.swf files work fine but not my mp4 videos  3) the external link for my registration button would not go to the page.  Since then I have developed alternate solutions, but would prefer those issues to be resolved.  I am including a link below to give an idea of what I am trying to accomplish.  

I appreciate your assistance with helping me to sell my clients on this demo to get them to purchase Articulate for their projects.

Here is a link to the project


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Margaret Jamal

Good Morning Bruce!

Thank you for responding.... and I am absolutely enjoying your engaging website!

Regarding the jumpy-ness, I have not changed it yet, still trying to find ways to alter the character perspectives without altering the desk.  But I agree that the consistent placement would prevent it look smoother.  In fact, the placement changed, and I lost the background and everything, causing me to have to redo it.  I still do not know what caused that.  I also do not know how to recapture the template without adding a "new slide"

Finally, I do not know how to post the .story file.  Are you referring to the story_content file?  I am not a program tech person.  I just know what I know.       I tried a copy and paste to this forum, but nothing showed.  

I am on my way out, but will try different browsers to see if that will make a difference.   Again, I really appreciate your time and response.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Margaret,

Regarding Bruce's statement to post the story file, look a the toolbar beneath the "leave your reply" heading where you post a message. To the very left are the B and I shortcuts to bold and italicize text in the post. To the very right is a paperclip. When you click this, you can browse to the SL file you created and upload it.

The SL file ends in .story

Let us know if this helps or if you need a bit more info