Progress bar - not working!

Jun 02, 2020

Hi there,

I've followed instructions on how to create a progress bar on the Master Slide and I'm having some issues. I've left a comment on the instruction thread but thought I'd open this up in case someone is able to help me. 

I've attached the dummy file that's setup like my course. 

If I wanted to have the progress bar work just for this course I believe I could do that. However, I'm creating a template so it'd be ideal if this setup could work as that means in the future we only need to change one variable to get it working on any course we build.

My issues are:

1. The radio button either isn't turning on or the trigger's aren't working meaning when you return to a slide (especially the menu ones) the count of slides visited goes up by one. Meaning you end up "visiting" 21 slides when there are only 13 in the course. 

2. When the learner returns to the menu slides the visible progress bar returns to what it was when the learner first visited that slide, this should remain at the same value as it was on the last visited slide. 

If you're able to take a look at my attached course and help me I'd really appreciate it! I've been stuck for 2 days now and nothing I've tried is working!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Anthea,

It looks like you're referring to the custom design shared by Mark here.

You are welcome to reach out to them directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back soon.

I did want to mention that there are some built-in variables that can help now as well and this is an example.

I look forward to seeing what the community and/or Mark share regarding your custom design.

Anthea Proudfoot

Hi Leslie;

Thank you for responding. I'll reach out to Mark directly. 

I did try the inbuilt one you're mentioning but I couldn't even get the picture to move off the page like the instructions say so I gave up on that one working. I did also fiddle with the inbuilt variables hoping they'd work better but the same problem of the count going up when you return to a slide while the visual display going back to what it was on the first visit still happens. 

If you know how to prevent that then please let me know!


Greg McInerney

Hi Anthea
I have just been working at the same problem. Ultimately, I managed to cobble together a solution however I constructed it somewhat differently to the one you attached (and this one which is AMAZING -
I made use of the built in variable, Menu.Progress. There is also a Project.Progress... I haven't yet solved how they are different. This meant that I didn't have to calculate the learner's progress. I also wanted to stay clear of saving the number of slides to a variable to avoid having to update the variable each time a slide was added or deleted.
Like your solution, mine is made up of triggers set up in the Slide Master.
My solution is somewhat cumbersome as I have 50 sliders of different lengths, the smallest being the 2% increment and the largest representing 100%. As the learner advances through the slides, (thereby automatically increasing the value of Menu.Progress), a new longer bar appears in front of the smaller bars behind it.
Because each slide of the attached Storyline file represents about 6% of the total module, the progress bar advances in increments of 6%. If there were 50 slides, each new slide would show a 2% increment in progress.
Kind regards, Greg 

Anthea Proudfoot

Hi Lauren;

As helpful as it is to have a list, all his list does is say the title in a different way. That doesn't help me understand the difference or how to use them. 

By sounds of what you've said "Project.Progress" is a the one that would better suit my needs. Yet it still returns the state of the progress bar to what it was when you first visited and the "check" to say this slide has been visited already, don't add another count to "Slides Visited" doesn't work. 

I'll have to keep fiddling and hope Mark can help.


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