Progress with Storyline course lost when imported into Success Factors LMS

May 07, 2020

Hello all.

We have created a Storyline course which operates as is should when imported into SCORMCloud.  However when imported into the Success Factors LMS we have discovered that the course progress appears to be lost when the learner "Suspends" the course and reenters. 

The course entry button on the LMS Home Page says 'Continue Course'. When the learner clicks on it, they are returned to the last page of the course (not the one they exited from) and all the buttons within the course are reset to their initial State.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Is it possible to publish Storyline courses directly into SuccessFactors? Or are you forced to limit your use to Rise?  Unfortunately SAP are not being of much help at this time.  

Any feedback would be welcome.


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Fay,

Happy to jump in to help here! Let's see if we can help pinpoint what the issue might be. 

A couple of questions for you on this: 

  • When publishing the course, which LMS standard are you selecting (SCORM 1.2, 2004, etc.)?
  • For the slide properties of the course, are they set to "Reset to initial state" when revisiting?
  • Are the slides showing the same reset behavior in SCORM Cloud? 
  • In regards to publishing, is this the workflow you are following to publish your course to the LMS: 

Based on your description, it sounds like the behavior is only happening on the LMS side. While your LMS provider may be best equipped to address the issue, I did want to share a couple of resources that I hope will help point you in the right direction: 

Please keep us updated on this and I hope that others with more experiencing using SuccessFactors will also share their insights! 

Fay Sicker

Hi Vincent,

Apologies for the delay in responding.  I was expecting the system to send me a notification email which I may have missed.

In answer to your questions:

1. I am publishing using SCORM 2004 (2nd Edition).  Success Factors is limited to this edition. (It's either that or SCORM 1.2)

2. When revisiting I have chosen "Automatically Decide".  I tried using "Resumed Save State" but this didn't work.  Are you suggesting I use "Reset to Initial State"?  My interpretation is that this would lose my progress - but perhaps I am wrong?

3.  The slides are NOT showing the same behavior when it is uploaded to the SCORM cloud. In the cloud, progress is being retained, which it isn't in the LMS.

4. I have published using the workflow you provided. However in terms of tracking the only option appears to be "Track using slides used".   The reporting status is set as "Passed/incomplete"

I have been in dialogue with SAP for almost a week now and the issue still isn't resolved.

Thanks for your help!  It is greatly appreciated.  And thanks for sending the links.  These are really useful.


Vincent Scoma

Hi Fay,

Thank you for providing those details! I am sorry to hear of the snags you hitting with the progress not being retained. 

In regards to your course setup, it looks like all of the proper pieces are in place. Since this behavior can't be replicated in SCORM Cloud either, it does lead me to believe that the issue is occurring on the LMS side. 

Please keep us updated and let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help. 

Fay Sicker

Hi Yoann.  

The issue turned out to be related to a change in setting by Google Chrome (our default browser) which could not be overridden.

To fix this we had to

1. Insert an exit course button at the end of the Rise course (refer attached image). The button was set so that it exited the LMS when selected.

2. Publish all our courses using SCORM 1.2. 

I believe there are some developers who have been able to fix the problem by changing code in the back end.  However the above appears to be working for us so far.

Good luck!  Hope this works for you.