Project has become very slow to respond. Possible solutions?

I have one project that is about 82 MB. It has just started taking a long time for any commands to respond--sometimes 5 to 10 seconds.

I've created another file and imported the content into that; this hasn't corrected the lag time.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot/correct this?


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Allan Dunlop

Hmmm. Just finished another reinstall, and the lag is still there.

I tried another, similar-sized file, and it's working fine. 

Something in the other file is causing it to bog down, but it doesn't have any elements that are different than the rest.

In Task Manager, the power usage for Storyline is often 'very high' when this file is open, in case that info helps.

Any thoughts?

Allan Dunlop

I haven't tried publishing it again yet, but the preview works, albeit slowly. Yes, I've rebooted and just run the one instance of SL with this file.

"Is it a particular slide/s where the preview is slow?"

It's happening when I try to do basic things like reposition a graphic, or edit text, and you've narrowed down the issue! It turns out there are just two slides where this is happening. 

I put them in a new file, and that one--with only two slides--lags. I'll try rebuilding these in the morning and see if I can eliminate the issue.

Thanks once again for your help, Wendy!

Wendy Farmer

Good troubleshooting Allan - sometimes that happens, an object becomes corrupt for some unknown reason and a rebuild of the slide or the objects on the slide more often than not makes a difference.

Glad you could isolate it to a couple of slides - all the best and let me know how you go.

Allan Dunlop

Just following up to let you know that rebuilding the slide worked, and the lag is now gone.

I believe it had to do with several .emf images  I had pasted in after copying groupings in Powerpoint. I saved the groupings as images in PP, then added them to SL. That did the trick.

Thanks, Wendy!