Project Not Autoplaying & Grey Box

May 10, 2018

Recently when I publish projects I get a big grey play button (in attachment) to start it.

I have not changed any settings and I do not want it . There is a video but it is set to autoplay

There is also a huge thick grey border which is not in my player

This seems to coincide with another update

Anyone have any ideas


Mark Vause

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Barney Barrett

I have been experiencing a similar issue on some projects when they are published to Review.

The example in the screengrab was completed a couple of weeks ago. However, other projects publish without this issue despite the fact that, as Mark says above, the settings are identical.

Any ideas or feedback welcome.


Barney Barrett

Many thanks for your reply, Matthew.

Your explanation is valid for some of the projects we've experienced problems with.

Unfortunately, in the case of the screengrab I posted earlier, the opening slide of this project has a still image rather than videos and my PC is running the most up-to-date version of Storyline 360.

The issue occurs when viewing Review in Chrome and Firefox but not in IE.

Could there be another factor?

Thanks in advance.

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