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May 11, 2012


I have an idea and I want to know honestly if you think that Storyline from a speed perspective can handle it.

I have to create software training on a new system that our driver group will be using. This project consists of at least 10 modules give or take.It will be graphic heavy and mostly point and click.

My idea. 

I was thinking of creating a main page that simulates a web page type layout and then branching to the various modules. this would mean housing all the content in one project. It would be great for refresher training and as a resource continuously available on the LMS.

What do you think?

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Adrian Bara

I'm no expert here but wouldn't it be easier to do each module separately and letting the LMS do the "grouping Modules" together thing? It would also make things easier when you need to update information in each module. Perhaps the LMS also has some sort of trigger when all modules in a group (or certificate) are marked as done?

Just putting in my 2 cents here.

Best of luck!

Zara Ogden

I always create the modules independently however as a design idea I was thinking of bringing them together.

Because stroyline can track the scores of multiple quizzes it can report the entire data to the LMS so I was thinking I could create a go to center for this particular systems training.

The concept will include one main slide that branches to the various scenes that include the content. Most of the content will be layered slides.

I am also talking basic action

1. how to log in

2. how to send a message

Essentially is is one big simulation.

Gerry Wasiluk

Can you do your course as separate Storyline SCORM courses then use something like Simple SCORM Packager to package your content as one multi-module SCORM course into your LMS?

That way, you can have one course that people need to register for and also separate modules that look like a menu in the LMS--and each module reports quiz results to the LMS.  Also, easier for you to maintain and develop sometimes when it is separate Storyline courses.

I'm working on exactly that this morning.  A big project that I'm been working on forever will finally launch today (knock on wood).

Here's how it looks in our Saba LMS after learners launch their registration .  From the SCORM package created, the LMS creates the Table of Contents menu for launching the individual modules as below.  And the LMS can track each module individually.  Completing each of the individual modules then completes the course registration.

Zara Ogden

I guess the consensus is don't do it. Thanks for your feedback.

Because the content that I am dealing with is usually huge we set up "certifications" within the LMS the user has to complete all the modules to complete the certification. For example I have a Professional Driver Improvement Course that I am finishing and it is 10 modules that vary from 7 to 20 minutes each. They are all housed in the LMS under one multi module scorm package.

It would have been so pretty. alas...

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