Prompt to Resume and Restricted Menu: Losing History

Jan 30, 2014

I have my story file Menu set to Restricted so users cannot skip forward, they can only re-visit what they have already viewed.  I have Resume set to Prompt to Resume.

Say I have a 10-screen course and I view 5 screens and exit.  When I launch again, I am asked if I would like to Resume.  If I say Yes, I am taken to the last screen I was on (screen 5) and because I have already visited screens 1-4 I can visit any of the again via the menu.  However, if I say No, I am taken to the first screen and I can NOT visit screens 2-5 via the menu--even though I already visited them all in the last session.

Here is what I was expecting: saying "No" to "Resume?" takes me to the first screen but Storyline does not "forget" that I should be allowed to visit previously visited screens.  Instead what appears to happen is that Storyline deletes all of that information and the reason I can't go to previously visited screens is because Storyline now thinks I have never been to any of them before.  Saying No to Resume doesn't just take me to the first screen, it deletes my history.  Is this really how it works?  How can I have it be so I can both go back to the beginning of the course but still be allowed to visit screens I visited before?

Yes, I have "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" checked.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi David,

From what you described, it sounds like it's working as designed. When you select "No", you're viewing the course for the first time - again. Nothing is resumed, your responses, slide positioning, etc.

You're starting the course over from scratch. There isn't a away to program it, using this functionality, so that only part of it (the ability to move forward, etc.) is stored. 

If you need to be able to resume, but retry slides, you could enable resume and set your slides to "Reset to initial state", but depending on the way you have these set up, I'm not sure if that would work for you.

Another option, especially if you just need to get back to the first slide, would be to provide a button/player item that jumps to that slide. You could even add this to a Master Slide and make it accessible from all slides (if you decide not to use a player tab/item). Either option would allow you to return to a slide from anywhere in the course. This would probably work well if you just have review or study material and not quizzing that you'd like to retry.

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