“Prompt to resume” doesn't work

Oct 29, 2022

I've created my first Storyline course and am using LearnDash LMS. It's all good except "Prompt to resume" doesn't work when I export as LMS/SCORM1.2.

It works fine if I export as Web. When continuing the course later, it then asks if I want to resume where I left off.

But when I export as LMS/SCORM1.2 it doesn't ask this and just starts again from the beginning. Instead of with LearnDash LMS, I've also tried it on SCORM Cloud, and there it does work correctly.

What could be causing this behaviour and what could I do about it?

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Ada Mianti

Oh, I don't use any plugin. Except that I use the plugin "Lesson and Topic Progression Using Storyline/Captivate for LearnDash" (https://discoverelearninguk.com/store/learndash-lesson-topic-progression-using-storyline-captivate/).

Does this mean I can just Publish it as "Web" since I don't seem to be using any SCORM functionality then...?