Learndash/Storyline and the Resume Prompt

Aug 28, 2017

I'm writing courses in SL360 and use Learndash as the LMS. When learners are accessing courses, the 'resume where you you left off' prompt is not appearing. No one at Learndash seems to know what I'm talking about when I've asked. Anyone else got this problem and/or a solution? Many thanks in advance. Mike

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Ali Goulet

Hey Mikey!

Hmm, that does seem odd. Just to verify- what resume setting do you have set in your course? Prompt to resume?

If so, have you tried uploading your published output to SCORM Cloud to see if the same happens there? That'll give us a great idea of whether this is file related or something occurring with Learndash specifically.

You're also welcome to share your .story project file here and I'd be happy to help with testing! You can add it as an attachment right to a comment like this:



Saurabh Chauhan


As you already tested it on SCORM Cloud, it means you can understand it easily. SCORM Cloud store bookmark data in the database and allows content to ask for a resume from you left. 

But, LearnDash does not support SCORM or xAPI natively, so it does not store this information. Now, what you can do? for resume and tracking functionality.

You need a plugin like GrassBlade xAPI Companion, that connect with LRS and store this bookmarking data. 

You can upload SCORM or xAPI Content with this plugin and get reporting and resume functionality by connecting it with LRS.

Or you need to write some code to capture and resume your content. This plugin has tight integration with LearnDash so, you can get expect an awesome workflow.

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