"Prompt to resume" not working properly

Jul 01, 2019

Good day I have a couple of files that keep on giving an issue when you Exit the course or assessment and resume again. It resumes to a slide close to the one that you exit, but often it jumps to unpredictable slides. I have Storyline 3, but one of my colleagues has Storyline 360 and reverted back to an earlier edition (I think Oct 2018) that worked if published with that version of Storyline 360. Do any one of you have any idea what the issue can be, please? It started doing the incorrect resuming since plus minus March month 2019. I publises it to the Cornerstone LMS and never had any issues with resuming before.

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Noel Read

Hi, I have both SL3 and Articulate 360 and they resume at the same slide as the learner was on when they exited the course. The issue might be with the courses, rather than storyline. If you can create a new course and have it reliably resume at the same point each time, then that would again suggest the issue is with the courses.

I would open up a new SL project and import the slides in - there will be a bit of work to get it so it is set up ok, but once you done that, publish it and see if the issue still persists.

If they do, then you could contact Articulate Support and they can look at the files in question to see if they can find the cause.

Lida Greyling

I tried version 4 and it once again gave the same issue. As soon as I exit, the first time it goes back to the same slide, but on the 2nd exit it starts jumping around. I have no idea why. Tomorrow I will try and copy and paste everything in from scratch without formatting, however I think something is wrong with Storyline's "prompt to resume". It does this on Scorm Cloud as well.

Thanks for your help

Will Findlay

That may be so, but here's a direct quote:

"Currently, SCORM 2004 3rd edition is implemented. Backward compatibility is generally expected, and thus courses published in 2nd edition is likely to work properly, but it is advised that courses are created using SCORM 2004 3rd edition."


Gerry Wasiluk
Lida Greyling

Regrettably the 3rd Edition did not do so well. Thanks, Will - currently the record holder is edition 2 which only starts jumping from the fourth exit. :) 

Are you creating a new registration with CSOD or using an existing one?

If using an existing registration, try creating a new one with the content in SCORM 2004 3rd Edition and see if that works?

Although extremely rare, I've seen a registration get messed up in another vendor's LMS product and the only solution was to create a new one.

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