Publish Course with Hotspots to Video



I want to publish a course to video that I have which includes hotspots. Will the hotspots work if the course with hotspots or interactions are published as a video? The course would need to be posted to a Portal we have that our employees use, but the hot spots need to work. 

If not,  I will probably just use Camtasia to do what I need it to. 


Thanks for your help! 

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Tom Kuhlmann

You can't create an interactive video that is just video whether you use Storyline or Camtasia.

Both kind of work the same way, you have a video and on top of the video you insert the interactive element (hotspot).

When you publish in Camtasia you can't just publish as video because you need the player and skins enabled. The .MP4 isn't interactive. What makes it interactive is the skin on top.

Storyline works the same way. You build what you need as a regular course. Make it interactive and then publish the file (not as video since that only gives you the video and not the interactive part).

Then you'd upload it. Whether you choose Camtasia or Storyline to do it, it's going to be a published package with interactive elements.

Camtasia outputs the video and whatever you put on top into a player, as you can see in the image below.

camtasia output

Storyline outputs the .story which holds the content and whatever interactions you build.

Storyline output

Neither one of them give you a video that is interactive by itself. As you can see, the output is very similar. Camtasia allows you to add interactive hotspots on top of a video. Storyline allows that and also all of the other interactive elements. Just depends on what you need to do.