Publish Multiple Courses to a Single CD/DVD?

Jun 10, 2014

I want to be able to give a client a single disc that they can use to view multiple courses.  Ideally they would see a menu/list with only the course titles, select one and play it.  I want to avoid them having to open a folder and choose the story.html file since I would have to instruct them to do that.  If they just need to click the title they want it is more intuitive.

Is there any way to do this either on a CD or DVD?

Thanks in advance for help!


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Simon Blair

Hi Katie,

You could create a launcher or index file to put in the root level of your DVD. Depending on your skills or preferences, you could create an HTML file which would behave like a local web page or you could create links in a Word or PowerPoint document. I expect you could do the same in Flash as well.

Either way, if your links are relative, they should work fine on the DVD. Like this:

  • \Course_1\story.html
  • \Course_2\story.html

It's also possible to create files that auto-run in the DVD, although I haven't done that. You can look to software installation disks for inspiration there. You can probably find instructions on Google for setting up auto run. Keep in mind that not everybody's computer is set up to allow auto run.

You didn't mention whether your client is running Windows, Mac, Linux or something else. Solutions that work on one O/S may not work on the others - although an HTML file should be pretty universal.

You may also want to check out some of the portfolios the Heroes have shared. Their solutions for linking to multiple pieces should work equally well for your DVD... but you may need to look at source code to see how they did it.



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