Publish to MP4 Video Issues

Jun 22, 2018


I just published a Storyline course to an  mp4 video.  Inside the course are a number of short video clips.  I noticed that the audio timing is not in synch with the videos on the slide.  The audio for the videos is playing ahead of the speaker's lip movements.   Any ideas on how to rectify this? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Derek,

Are the audio and video in separate files on the Storyline slides, or are they both contained in one video file clip?

I haven't seen an issue like this one, so we'd definitely want to take a closer look at your file to see what could be causing this. If you don't mind sharing it with us, you can send it along here!

Training Team

I have a similar issue but the audio is lagging. The video and audio in one file and are perfectly aligned in the module until it's published. This is the first time I've used video in Storyline and have Storyline 1, publishing to SCORM 1.2 to upload in LMS. When I view the content of the output file it's out of sync so I know it's not the course/LMS impacting, it's the published output that is somehow changing. 

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