Published as Review 360 course in SL360, issue with audio file

May 13, 2022

Audio file on my second slide, changed to "recorded" on the timeline instead of the sound image. This audio file fills the whole timeline, when the original one on the timeline didn't start until 7 seconds. This didn't happen until I published as Review 360 this week. Has happened to 2 stories. I had downloaded the latest update on Monday. It only affected the one slide that had 2 audio files.

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Michele Liggett

This is what it looks like on the timeline. I tried changing audio file 2 to set Timing to start at 7 seconds, didn't work. I tried dragging the Audio 2 file to the right, it won't move. There are 2 audio files on my second slide for 15 different videos. I'm trying to avoid having to re-record all of them to 1 audio file. It shows I am running version 3.63.27674.0. Does anyone have any ideas of what else I can try?