Published for web projects does not show up in ANY browser except explorer

hello, I have choosen these options:



USe Articulate mobile for iOS and Android


NOTHING worked neither on my , nor on the testers computers in any of the browsers:

Chrome, firefox, opera,edge, except explorer.

Can articulate team actually update the process why this export  not working?


PS. it shows blank page everywhere.

the only time the project worked was in edge.



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mehdi!

I'm happy to help!

Included in the published output are both story_flash and story_html5. Story_flash won't work in browsers that don't support Flash. For example, Chrome and Firefox. However, since Flash is still supported in Internet Explorer, story_flash will always load.

Have you tried using the Modern Player and publishing the course for HTML only? This is a more versatile format that will open on most browsers. 

Please keep me updated if using the Modern Player and HTML only works for your course!