Published Quiz submit button not advancing in iPAD

I have a quiz with 32 questions, when previewing it everything works fine. When published to articulate-online the quiz won't progress past question 17 on the ipad. Once you select the correct answer the 'you are correct' box pops up and then when you press continue the submit button (to progress to next question) does not work.

I have looked at all the triggers and even deleted and redone that slide - nothing.

Help, I have a deadline.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carol,

Are you viewing it within the Mobile player or the HTML5 output in Mobile safari? What iOS are you using - the latest is 9.3 and you can check your iOS as described here. You said it's hosted in Articulate Online but what version of Storyline did you use to update it? We're currently on Update 10 of Storyline 2. When you've deleted that question are you than able to advance past that slide or does it always get stuck on question 17? 

Carol North

Hi Ashley, sorry about the long delay to reply. I managed to get it working however yesterday I uncounted the same issue in another quiz. I have logged a case and the file  - thanks :)

Was using the 9.3 and was probably the previous update when I sent this message. I've since updated to 10. (and also iOS 9.35)